Hello! :) 

I am a freelance illustrator and cute maker from Brazil, currently living and working in Europe since 2012 with a creative game designer husband and an old talkative cat called Miau. 
 I like to draw cute characters and scenes inspired by  cute and sophisticated children's books, cartoons  and playful things. If I could go back in time, I'd go to 50's and 60's - love everything about it! I also like people watching and imagine stories about them. The simple day-by-day routine, the called "boring things" is fascinating (in my opinion).
My creative process starts with searching for inspiration in Books, Magazines and, of course,  Internet. Usually not about the subject so I can connect elements like a puzzle and create a new story in my mind and on my sketchbook with a pencil. Sometimes I use ink pens, colour pencils or  watercolour. It all depends on how much time I have to play. Then  I move to my Cintiq to play with Adobe Illustrator until looks cute and everybody is happy (including my Bunny Art Buddy*)
*Fun fact: I have an imaginary bunny as my Art buddy, who sometimes helps with some magical inspiration,  other times,  get me thousand hours of distractions. 
I'm happy to share that I've been growing my lovely Clients list: 
Design House Greetings, Design Design Inc, Lake Press, Little Bee Books, Mafua Kids, Momazine, Papyrus, P.I.Kids, RSVP, Usborne Books and Viabella.
Let's create something amazing together!
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