how to grow your own jungle in a bathtub - sketch - fev 2017
girl flying in a toucan across the jungle - fev 2017
...... One day someone told her that she should save the forests, to save the world. 
She really wanted to save the world! First step was to understand what a forest is. She went to the book shop and ask for a Forest Book. The young man at the store replied to her: "Oh you mean, the classic The Jungle Book". She didn't know much about the difference so that sounds accurate enough to start with. 
The book gave her tons of helpful visual about how a forest look like. She was excited: "It's Plants! I see plants everywhere!" Another close look to the pictures and she concluded: "oh! Forest are lots of plants....together!". It's a plan now! 
On her way home she started to ask for plants to the neighboors. "I wanna save the world!" - she said - can you help me? . Who would say no? She got lots of different vases and had to make many trips to her home. 
Once at home, she need a place to Save the Forest, which means, put the plants all together. She didn't have a proper garden. Her home was a small flat in a big city where she lives with her mom. And lilly, her brown bunny, who gave the idea of using the bathtub since it was big enough to build a forest - thought the bunny.
"Perfect!"- she said after put all the plants she found inside the bathtub. "And. what now?" - she wonders. Maybe I should keep reading the book for answers. She read. and she read. And once again. She start living inside that Jungle, making friends, like her favourite imaginary friend was Touk Toucan - she loved his dark feathers and her big yellow beak and they flew around in great adventures. 
The sun was going down and her mom arrived home "What is going on here? " -she asked puzzled looking at the bathtub. "Well, I'm saving the Forest, Mom! Forests are the best place to go on adventures and make friends. It's my favourite world! .... 

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